The ‘clean eating’ movement is maturing but people are still not seeing a full picture

| 1 June 2019

Media is still treating people like they are mindless trenddriven vessels without an ability to actually know, innately for themselves, what is good for them and their bodies.

Media is only treating us in this way, because we are, as individuals and a society are treating ourselves this way. We just cannot make up our mind (not that is even possible). We don’t believe in our own intelligence and power. We feel cut off and helpless. So we turn to see what others ‘think’ – in this case about nutrition. Most likely than not – others feel the same way as you. Confused, lost and with contradicting thoughts.

Telling people that they are right or wrong about their nutritional choices – or that clean eating, which was good yesterday, is bad today, equals telling women that they don’t have innate intelligence on how to birth a child and therefore should surrender all the power and thinking to the people that really ‘know’.

Usually the people that ‘know’ are the poepl that think the least and are actually most influenced by trends, peer opinions and with no ability to see a holistic perspective of things. garida Just look at the birth in the west and how much it has fluctuated from little monitored home births to over-medicated, disempowering hospital interventions back to holistic home births.

Look at the sugar and the fat movement.

Seeing the whole picture and staying true to ourselves is not an easy position to take because it is ridden with paradox and seemingly conflicting ideas. All the time. it is not immediately popular, because the mass media loves picking up on the extremes and zoom in into silly detail while overlooking the whole. Being true to the whole picture is steady, it is balanced, and it is very much internal and true to you.

There will be valuable research done for and against gluten, for and against dairy, for and against sugar, for and against meat. Just deal with it.

How do you explain us at Wild Food Cafe promoting raw-centric plant-based food? Are we extreme? Are we promoting the unhealthy ‘clean eating trend’?

At one extreme of the trend we are being questioned for not being clean enough and pure enough for cooing some of our ingredients and using – oh my God – sourdough wheat hayamix bread. At the other extreme of the trend, people question why we are so reductionists – and choose not to use any animal products, grains and dairy in our menus and teach our students raw food skills for life?

Within this seemingly contradictory opinions flying back and forth in the media we stay calm and content. Because inside our hearts and minds we know what we are doing and why, and it is true to us.

We choose to emit animal products not because it is clean or unclean, but simply because it is not and never will be a sustainable or morally comprehensible solution to nutrition, especially taking into consideration the current environmental impact that the animal industry has on our planet and our health. It is undeniable, if you look deep enough and use your own innate intelligence.

We choose to promote plant based eating.

Humanity is changing and our food habits are changing with us. There’s absolutely nothing wrong transforming the way we eat to reflect the rapid transformation of our personal lives and us as a society. Let’s drop the guilt, fear, doubt and that constant yoyoing whether the food in front of you is a good idea or not – and just do what feels right for your whole being – mental, emotional, physical.

What agrees to your values and morality. Food that ties in to your desire to make a positive difference in the world everyday. Which calls to your longing to reconnect to the food cycle and create new thriving ecosystems on planet earth, in harmony with nature. Follow that. Be true to yourself.

And a word about eating disorders and authorexia. It totally does exist, and it is real, especially among young vulnerable women with a strong social media influence in their lives. It does exist, but it is so dumb to blame the food, health and wellbeing movement for it! People, open your eyes, young people of our society are suffering because they are extremely lonely, because our families are fragmented, because real, physical communities, intergenerational support and advice is literally non existent. Because all the role models these people will ever get are from social media and magazines. They are plastic. And we all know, ho