Advanced Plant Based Chef Intensive Training

11-13 November 2019 | 9-5pm | WFC ISLINGTON


Advanced raw-centric plant based kitchen skills
 Throughout the three day programme you will be learning the techniques of plant-based cheeses, fermentation, sous-vide, chocolate making, spherification, setting, dehydration and more. You will then be using those skills to create your own dishes, and menus for your final project. Your menus and dishes will be guided and evaluated by the team of chefs. Food styling, photography and writing You will also learn the basics of contemporary food styling trends to achieve professional visual representation through the medium of photography; and master your unique language of menu narrative, that is compelling, positive and informative. Holistic Enterprise, Wellbeing & LeadershipThe nutritional alchemy of ingredients: using and understanding the properties of more unusual ingredients, foraged foods and superfoods How to create your own uniques story of food, brand and vision. Elemental approach to food and wellbeing and how to apply it from kitchen to everyday practices. Gathering your tribe, using business and enterprise as a positive transformational force.

This programme is designed for students with a foundation level plant-based chef certification or anyone that has some experience in a plant-based kitchen and is looking to gain new skills in professional (raw-centric) menu preparation and execution and plating. It is designed to provide leading-edge tools to any wellbeing practitioners that work with food in some capacity or that would like to introduce more elevated plant-based food based experiences to their work; food bloggers, and existing or aspiring chefs.

This training will give you confidence and leading edge creative skills to work in a professional plant-based kitchen; a foundation to understand plant-food and the art of nourishment from a more refined, gourmet perspective; open your own plant-food venture; or to incorporate leading-edge plant-food and holistic wellbeing understanding and practice into your existing project.